Breakfast & Brunch at the Hotel Goldener Adler, Alto Adige/Südtirol

The combination of breakfast and lunch at the Hotel Goldener Adler  

Don’t miss brunch-time at the Wellness-Hotel Goldener Adler. Choose between black and white bread, plaited yeast bun, croissants with jam, honey, butter, bacon, assorted cold meats and cheese, eggs, cakes and sweets. We serve hot drinks such as coffee, milk and tea, as well as cold drinks such as fruit juices and mineral water, and a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate the day. Enjoy your brunch in the bar or on the terrace in the sunshine, and turn your breakfast into lunch.

Brunch-time at Hotel Goldener Adler is available on request for groups or on certain days for all guests (events are announced on our website and Facebook).


Brunch per person : 24,00€

You would like to give away a cozy breakfast / brunch?

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